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Recycling and Renovation

Posted by Martin Spence on Sep 13, 2017

We all like to see old objects brought up to date, don't we? Or do we just want "new" to replace "old" without any regard to the land-fills and rubbish tips around the world that pollute the world for future generations? Many an attic or garage is full of "worthless pieces of junk" all of which, in their day had been useful, loved objects. They are now neglected, ignored and taking up space only to be cleared out and dumped when people have the time or necessity. Let's recycle here in Sheffield. Just a small example below, of what can be done with local expertise and a little imagination.

Ercol chairs restored....

Ercol with a 21st century edge

Why not take time and restore some of that old furniture; I recommend that you get in touch with the "Wood Beautician", Peter Church in Dronfield, (01246 419991) and breathe some new life into some lost treasures!

I would be very interested to hear your stories; why not take time to comment or record your own blog. Get in touch.